Vista Gardens Apartments

Rehab, Rebrand & Reposition

  • 116 Units in Pasadena, Texas
  • YOC 1978
  • Acquired December 2017
  • Beginning Average Rents $0.84/SF, or $659/Unit
Work Completed
  • Name changed – All new signage
  • Fully Remodeled Office/Clubhouse Building
    • Relocated pool equipment
    • Rewired to add electrical grounding
    • Added fitness center and children’s play area
  • New roofs
  • Full wood & paint
  • Revamped pool area
  • Extensive ironwork repairs
  • Upgraded landscaping
  • Plumbing & lighting upgrades to achieve Green Program compliance
  • Converted from manual to computerized management system
  • Ongoing unit upgrades
  • Total CapEx $900K
Results, Nine Months After Acquisition:

Average rents increased 18% to $0.99/SF or $761/Unit

Average rents continue to rise as renewals cycle and unit upgrades continue

Office Remodel
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