The Victorian Apartments

Case Study


Built in 1983
Acquired on September 14th, 2020
Hosting 172 units, 10 buildings, across 125,408 square feet of unit property
Considered a Class C+ property
Time Frame observed spans 8 months
1x1 Living Room
2x1 Living Room


The Victorian’s delinquency was $83,000
Occupancy sitting at 75% and collections were low at the time of acquisition
The Victorian Apartments not well-maintained, with 100+ work orders incomplete
Severe flooding problems
Serious issues with drains on the property, some were clogged while others were too small to sustain Houston’s heavy rainfall
Inherited a major rat infestation
Windows across the property shattered, which can be attributed to homeless people taking over vacant units without permission
1x1 Unit Dining Room


Better World management persists in negotiations with the City of Houston to build a new drain ditch
Nearly 16% of units hosts unqualified tenants and replaced with a higher criterion of residents in efforts of decreasing delinquency and increasing collections
In response to being a high crime area, Better World Management hired courtesy patrol, partnered with Aleif Management District, and familiarized themselves with police officers in the area
The Houston Police Department compliments property manager, Maricela Quinones, for her dedicated work in decreasing crime with her efforts to improve the community
The Victorian is seeking out membership into the Blue Star program in the future, which will be initiated by late fall of 2021
The Blue Star Multi-Housing Program is a proactive program designed to reduce the potential for crime and to raise awareness in apartment managers, owners, and residents.
Better World management encouraged major exterior work, upgraded landscaping, as well as a new sign that proudly declares “The Victorian”
Initiating water conservation project- replacing toilets with low flow, replacing shower heads and water faucets with more eco-friendly alternatives in conservation efforts
Set up bait stations, coordinated with pest control and the City of Houston for months to combat the rat infestation problem
Hiring additional maintenance staff, as well as a dedicated manager and assistant manager
Resident functions were implemented, building a family-friendly atmosphere
New Property Sign
2x1 Unit Entrance
1x1 Unit Living Room


Occupancy is at 93.02% as of 5/26/21
In 8 months, The Victorian has grown from 75% to 94% pre-lease
The Victorian Apartments have stabilized
Renewals are up and resident retention has improved
Flooding is no longer an issue, and the community is thankful
Resident morale has soared, and safety has become a priority
In November, Bank Deposit Increases were 41%, while Total Income Increases were 38%, this illustrates low delinquency on the property, while also decreasing expenses by 6%
Nearly 10% total reduction in expenses
Total net operating income increased 752%
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