Shining Light for Multifamily Advocacy

Terri Clifton, Houston Apartment Association (HAA) Board Member, President of Better World Properties LLC and
Houston Apartment Association (HAA) educational instructor and Chairman of the HAA Membership Committee for
2020 was awarded a Go Getter Club red jacket for her 100 member recruitment efforts and is now designated an
Honorary Life Member of HAA.

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter.”                                                                        

                                                                                                         ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

Many things influence apartment ownership, multifamily investment and the life of apartment residents. From taxing entities to water quality, resident rights to regulations, the multifamily landscape is constantly changing. Consistent advocacy for the apartment industry assures a strong and fair voice for all.

Leading the Way

The Houston Apartment Association (HAA) is the leading resource, advocate and community partner for quality rental housing providers in Houston Texas and the surround areas. The Go Getters Club within the HAA is a group of actively engaged volunteers who recruit membership to join the Houston Apartment Association and by extension, the Texas Apartment Association (TAA).

HAA is the largest multifamily association in Texas with 839 suppler members and 939 apartment owners representing 3,141 properties and 635,200 units.

Decades of Progress

Terri Clifton, President of Houston-based, Better World Properties LLC, has been a member of the Houston Apartment Association’s Go Getter Club for 23 years. In addition, Terri is a Board Member of HAA, an instructor of core education at HAA and Chairman of the HAA Membership Committee for 2020.

Terri was recently awarded a Go Getter red jacket marking her efforts in recruiting over 100 members for HAA and TAA through the Go Getter Club.  Terri’s persistent efforts to advocate for apartment owners and in turn apartment residents, also has earned her the distinction of Honorary Life Member of HAA.

Congratulations to Terri Clifton and all the hard-working volunteers and staff members at The Houston Apartment Association and the Texas Apartment Association. Together, we all rise.

If interested in joining the Houston Apartment Association, please contact the Houston Apartment Association at 713-595-0300 and join a fun and rapidly growing voice in the multifamily community!

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