Our Mission:


Providing Better World Apartment Life Cycle Solutions for apartment owners, investors and tenants.

All Under One Roof

Welcome to the Better World Family of Companies. We find, analyze, manage, operate, improve processes, uncover hidden value, buy, sell, rehab, finance apartment equity, reposition, and divest apartment properties in the state of Texas. In part or in full. All under one roof.

Better World Family of Companies- What We Do:

The Better World Family of Companies is uniquely positioned.  We know apartments inside out. We provide complete Apartment Life Cycle Solutions for apartment owners, investors, and tenants. Better World Properties, Sumar Property Management, Better World Holdings and Better World Consulting bring unique and exceptional value to the apartment world. Under one roof, we find and create apartment deals. We take pride in our laser-focused multi-family property management and staffing solutions. Our 2017 merger of Better World Properties with Sumar Property Management adds legendary commercial real estate management expertise representing over 100 years of combined experience.

Collectively, our team increases return on investment through improvement processes learned only through hard work and hands-on experience. We offer creative equity financing solutions and debt restructuring. We strategically rehabilitate apartment properties and reposition. We discover hidden value like no other firm in the marketplace.

We position apartment properties well in advance of profitable disposition. The Better World Family of Companies is positioned to service your needs along the entire life cycle of your apartment portfolio. This broad ability, all under one roof, makes us unique and nimble in the marketplace.

Better World Properties and Sumar Property Management:

  • Apartment Management
    • Conventional Apartments: 3,500 units +
    • Focus: Texas Class A, Class B and Class C Apartments
    • Student Housing and Senior Housing Included
  • Apartment Construction Management
  • New Construction Lease-up
  • Multifamily Accounting Solutions
  • Apartment Rehabilitation and Reposition
  • Apartment Maintenance Solutions
  • Multifamily Vendor Selection and Management
  • Apartment Turnaround and Disposition
  • Creative Apartment Marketing Strategies

Better World Holdings:

  • Deal Generation
  • Multifamily Equity Formation
  • Target Assessment
  • Apartment Investment
  • Multifamily Due Diligence
  • Apartment Cash Infusions
  • Real Estate Entity Structuring
  • Apartment Acquisition Strategies
  • Debt Restructuring
  • Apartment Financing Solutions
  • Multifamily 1031 Exchanges
  • New Apartment Development

Better World Consulting:

  • Apartment Management Support
  • Custom Apartment Market Analysis
  • Multifamily Process Improvement
  • Strategic Business Development
  • Multifamily Staff Training
  • Apartment Facilities Optimization
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