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Better World Properties – Our Mission

The mission of Better World Properties™ is summed up in its motto: “Apartments Done Better™”. From every aspect of apartment management, we strive to do things better. Better property management results in better properties. Better properties result in a better life for owners, investors, and tenants; thus, making it a better world.

Better World Properties, LLC

Property Management Strategy

Our core business is apartment property management. We do it better than anyone else. How? Over decades, our leadership and staff have worked their way up from the ranks. They have hands-on experience as leasing consultants, property managers, regional supervisors and have invested, owned, developed, bought and sold numerous multi-family properties of their own.

We start by working to understand our client’s short-term needs, near-term objectives, and long-term investment strategy. We combine this effort with data-driven analysis, a thorough understanding of the property, its competitors and market trends. With our in-depth experience, market knowledge, proven resources and industry connections we are able to help our clients form their own unique progress plan for each investment asset. Our track record speaks for itself. The properties we have taken on consistently outperform others in their sub-market. We execute rehabs others thought were impossible. The increases in value and capitalization rates our clients experience are commonly better than expected.

The best way to manage apartment properties is to roll up your sleeves and spend time in the field. Understanding how properties work from the inside out. These are not skills taught in a classroom. These are skills learned from decades of hands-on experience. Taking the additional effort of walking properties, talking with managers and staff, visiting residents and prospects are all keys to staying in touch.

We also work closely with local, state and national apartment associations to identify new trends and develop progressive marketing, retention, and maintenance plans. We stay abreast of new opportunities in technology and social media to more fully interact with residents and prospects on their terms.

We are able to extend the generous pricing and concessions we receive from vendors to the properties we serve. Unlike many of our competitors, we are entirely transparent about our vendor relationships and the considerations they offer. We have access to outstanding deals on loans, supplies, insurance, construction, appliances and other services. We also maintain positive working relationships with regulators and city officials. We are commonly able to negotiate better opportunities for our managed properties, because we are known as a quality multifamily housing provider.

We are pre-approved by major banks and lenders. We effectively manage these relationships on behalf of our clients to help ensure cooperative working relationships, productive inspections and compliance with loan terms. When additional financing or refinancing is required, approvals are often a phone call away.

Finally, we believe in having skin in the game. At minimum, our fees are often tied to revenue performance. Where desired and appropriate, we may make an equity contribution into the properties we serve. This provides added incentive for us to focus on the underlying value of the asset, as well as short-term and long-term performance. Our client base is exceptionally diverse and hails from all regions of the world. And, just as every client is different, no two deals are the same. Our ultimate interest is simply to help everyone profit and succeed. This is how we make a better world.

The 2017 merger of Sumar Property Management into Better World Properties added even more management expertise to our team. With national and international experience, we choose to focus our efforts on the bright future of Texas. Better World Properties combined with our investment and financing arm: Better World Interests and our consulting arm: Better World Consulting allows the Better World Family of Companies to provide unparalleled multifamily investment services.

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Better World Properties Management Services

  • Apartment Management
    • Conventional Apartments: 3,500 units + in Texas
    • Focus: Texas Class A, Class B and Class C Apartments
    • Student Housing and Senior Housing Included
  • Apartment Construction Management
  • New Construction Lease-up
  • Multi-family Accounting Solutions
  • Apartment Rehabilitation and Reposition
  • Apartment Maintenance Solutions
  • Multi-family Vendor Selection and Management
  • Apartment Turnaround and Disposition
  • Creative Apartment Marketing Strategies

Complimentary Consultation

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