Austin American Statesman Newspaper – Terri Clifton, president of Houston-based apartment management firm Better World Properties, said many landlords she’s hearing from also are taking a case-by-case approach.

“This crisis does not create a free pass,” Clifton said. “Everyone must do their part.”

Clifton said the industry is “working tirelessly with community development experts and officials at every level” on solutions for affected residents, employees, apartment owners and lenders….

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What happens if I can’t pay rent?

Houston, Texas, April 3, 2020 – The current global viral crisis is impacting everyone and raising questions about economic impacts. A key question for apartment dwellers is, “What happens if I can’t pay rent?”

According to Terri Clifton, President of Houston-based Better World Properties LLC, many landlords have voiced, “We will work with those affected by this crisis on a case-by-case basis. This crisis does not create a free pass. Everyone must do their part.” Terri Clifton is a 35-year veteran of the multifamily living industry having served at all levels of the apartment industry including leasing agent, property manager, regional manager, apartment owner and now President of her own property management firm, Better World Properties LLC….


Better World Cos., HM Equity Management pick up Victoria apartment portfolio

Two Houston multifamily investment companies have teamed up on the acquisition of three apartment complexes in Victoria totaling 544 units.

The Better World Family of Cos., led by Terri Clifton, Reuven Bisk, Michael Knight and Larry Hill, have partnered with HM Equity Management, led by Ian Hancock and Marc Lewis, to acquire a 544-unit, three-property portfolio in Victoria.

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November 2017 issue of Houston Apartment Association’s ABODE magazine

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Hurricane Harvey’s Multifamily Impact

The devastation of Hurricane Harvey has destroyed approximately 100,000 homes, with 15 percent of the multifamily stock being wiped out. With many families being displaced and in need of shelter, the multifamily community is working on assessing damage, beginning reconstruction and getting operations back in working order.

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An apartment dweller’s guide to managing Harvey’s aftermath

Should flooded-out apartment dwellers get their current unit repaired, move to a different unit within the same complex or seek lodging elsewhere?  The answer, experts say, is: It depends on individual circumstances. Most of the details to be worked out between tenants and landlords are typically governed by the lease.

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Better World Properties Gives Look at Harvey’s Impact on Multifamily Industry

They say everything is bigger in Texas, and, Hurricane Harvey was no exception. Hurricane Harvey parked over Texas and Louisiana for six long days and nights and dumped a staggering 27 trillion gallons of water from the sky. Rain gauges in some Houston bayous and creeks registered over 51 inches. That’s more rain in six days than the average rainfall for an entire year. The perfect storm that Harvey created brought once-in-1000 year flooding and along with many challenges. Better World Properties LLC, an apartment property management firm headquartered in Houston had a unique view of Harvey from the front lines. “I’ve been through a lot of natural disasters in my multifamily career,” said Better World Properties LLC president, Terri Clifton, “To date, I have to say Harvey takes the cake.”

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