Leasing 101 – Real Life Apartment Leasing. How We Add Value.

Terri Clifton, Houston Apartment Association (HAA) Board Member, President of Better World Properties LLC and Houston
Apartment Association (HAA) educational instructor shares real life experience with a packed, standing room only January 2020
HAA Leasing 101 class.

“Well-trained leasing professionals are the lifeblood that contributes to the success of every apartment property.” ~Terri Clifton

A wide mix of leasing professionals, assistant managers, property managers and regional managers attended the January 2020 Houston Apartment Association Leasing 101 Class taught by apartment industry veteran, Terri Clifton, a Houston Apartment Association (HAA) Board Member and President of Better World Properties LLC.

There was standing room only in the most recent Leasing 101 Class attended by 60+ people who traveled from as far away as Orange, Freeport and Galveston to learn the nuts and bolts, and insider tips on how to build value in your apartment career, how to build value for your apartment owners and how to successfully lease apartments.

Make It Fun, And Make It Legendary

In a lively class, with animated and humorous, real life scenarios students experienced role-playing with feedback on techniques providing key takeaways with actionable steps to apply that day when they got back to their apartment properties.

50% of attendees were new to the apartment industry in the past year. 25% of attendees had been in the apartment industry for 1-5 years and the remaining 25% had five years or more experience in the apartment industry.

What does this tell us? No matter where you are in your apartment career, there is value to be found in Leasing 101. This is content that is not found online. It is taught from decades of hands-on experience in the apartment industry.

Leasing professionals are moneymakers. They can make or break your apartment property. Honing educated leasing skills with intuitive real life applications is imperative to success.

The Human Touch

In a fun format, with live skits and plenty of laughs, attendees learned the importance of prompt response to leasing inquiries, the value of live, face-to-face human interaction and how to read between the lines in apartment financials.

In an apartment market that is becoming more competitive, is your staff qualified and able to contribute to your bottom line? Or are they a liability creating roadblocks to higher occupancy rates?

The Leasing 101 class helps prepare those who seek to add value and have the desire to succeed.

The Houston Apartment Association (HAA) offers a multitude of opportunities to increase your skills and knowledge as an apartment industry employee. One of the best ways to get your feet wet in the apartment industry is the core educational Leasing 101 Class.

These classes, taught by apartment industry veterans, such as Terri Clifton, who has seen it all in her 33 years in the apartment industry, are fun and engaging with real life experiences and one-on-one role-playing. Starting as a leasing agent herself and working her way up through the ranks, Terri is now President of her own firm, Better World Properties LLC. Terri is a shining example of how hard work can pay off in apartments.

By dedicating time to teach others, this ensures that the apartment industry stays strong, educated, and up to date on ever-changing regulations and helps the apartment industry continue to grow and attract quality employees, vendors, and apartment property owners and operators.

The HAA Leasing 101 Class is full day and half program. The curriculum learned in this class will be used on a daily basis in your leasing offices and can save time, trouble and quickly increase return on apartment investment (ROI).

Topics covered include:

  • Greeting and qualifying the customer
  • Executing the lease contract
  • Telephone techniques and e-leasing
  • Overcoming objections and closing techniques
  • An introduction to the Houston Apartment Association (HAA), the Texas Apartment Association (TAA) and the National Apartment Association (NAA)
  • Career opportunities and certifications within the apartment industry
  • An overview of Fair Housing and more

The Houston Apartment Association (HAA) is the leading advocate, resource and community partner for quality rental housing providers in Houston and surrounding area. HAA develops leadership in the multi-family industry by engaging broadly diverse membership, embracing effective technology and advocating for a geographically inclusive association.

If interested in joining the Houston Apartment Association or having your staff attending Leasing 101 Class, please contact the Houston Apartment Association at 713-595-0300 and Terri Clifton will save you a front row seat!

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