Leasing 101 Better World Properties

Leasing 101 – Mastering Process, Policies, and Empathy

Terri Clifton, Houston Apartment Association (HAA) Board Member, President of
Better World Properties LLC and Houston Apartment Association (HAA)
educational instructor shares real life experience with a robust Leasing 101 class.

Judge softly. Walk a mile in another’s shoes.  – Anonymous

Learning to master the apartment leasing process is a mixture of regulatory compliance, process and procedure, intuition, common sense, and empathy. Just because someone is unable to make their rent on time, does not mean a leasing professional or apartment manager can or should treat them with disrespect.

Everyone runs into complications at one time or another. We all need to work together. When we put ourselves in the other person’s shoes, we can relate to their struggles. This empathic viewpoint allows us to create kind and workable solutions. At the same time, we must learn to keep our eyes open for those who continually try to take advantage of the system.

What Type of People Live Here?

How should a leasing professional respond when someone asks, “What type of people live here?” Yes, it does happen. The correct answer is, “Everyone is qualified the same way. And, everyone deserves the opportunity to live here.” Criminal history, including felonies and sex offenses, are verified first. Rental history is also verified confirming no prior evictions or broken leases. General income verification requires rent does not exceed one third of gross income. This ratio can vary depending on each apartment owner’s requirements. If you meet the these requirements, you can live here.

These are just a few of the interesting topics that are covered in the Leasing 101 class. Real situations that occur on a daily basis in a leasing office or on site at an apartment community.

Did you know that hiring managers in the apartment industry often look at credentials first and consider experience second? The Houston Apartment Association (HAA) offers a multitude of opportunities to increase your skills and knowledge as an apartment industry employee. One of the best ways to get your feet wet in the apartment industry is the core educational Leasing 101 Class. In this class, you will have a ton of fun the learning fundamentals of the leasing process.

Classes taught by apartment industry veteran, Terri Clifton, who has seen it all in her 32 years in the apartment industry are fun and engaging with real life experiences and one-on-one role-playing. Starting as a leasing agent herself and working her way up through the ranks, Terri is now President of her own firm, Better World Properties LLC. Terri is a shining example of how hard work can pay off in apartments.

By dedicating time to teach others, this ensures that the apartment industry stays strong, educated, and up to date on ever-changing regulations and helps the apartment industry continue to grow and attract quality employees, vendors, and apartment property owners and operators.

The HAA Leasing 101 Class is full day program. The curriculum learned in this class will be used on a daily basis in your leasing offices and can save time, trouble and quickly increase return on apartment investment (ROI).

Topics covered include:

  • Greeting and qualifying the customer
  • Executing the lease contract
  • Telephone techniques and e-leasing
  • Overcoming objections and closing techniques
  • An introduction to the Houston Apartment Association (HAA), the Texas Apartment Association (TAA) and the National Apartment Association (NAA)
  • Career opportunities and certifications within the apartment industry
  • An overview of Fair Housing and more

The Houston Apartment Association (HAA) is the leading advocate, resource and community partner for quality rental housing providers in Houston and surrounding area. HAA develops leadership in the multi-family industry by engaging broadly diverse membership, embracing effective technology and advocating for a geographically inclusive association.

If interested in joining the Houston Apartment Association or having your staff attending Leasing 101 Class, please contact the Houston Apartment Association at 713-595-0300 and Terri Clifton will save you a front row seat!

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