How To Make It A Better World This Holiday Season

At Better World Properties LLC, we are all about making it a better world. As we approach another holiday season of potential stress and excess, we are reaching out and encouraging our apartment residents and apartment owners to give new thought this year on ways to shine encouraging light within our apartment communities. Read on for ways to create a memorable holiday experience.

It’s Not About The Stuff

Think about it. The best gifts were not the gifts but the way those people made you feel when they gave you those gifts. Years from now, people won’t remember the gift, but they will remember how you made them feel.

With that in mind, we encourage our residents to gather together and share some special time this holiday season getting to know one another and simply being good neighbors. A hot chocolate night with a fun movie in the clubhouse entertains the kids and brings adults together to introduce themselves and make new friends.

Patio/Balcony Decorations

We encourage our residents to share their holiday joy in a tasteful way by decorating their patios and balconies with a little holiday cheer. Now, this can get out of hand and turn into a full-fledge competition and one upmanship not unlike National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. So we want to encourage that kind neighbor spirit and not encroach on other’s right to enjoy peace and joy during the holidays.

Kindness – Be The Change

Be the change. When we show each other kindness, we receive kindness in turn. Hold that door open for someone with a smile. Carry some groceries up the stairs for that mom struggling to wrangle her three kids back to her apartment. Donate a small toy for those less fortunate in your community. Head up a Mother’s Day Out group and spell each other so you can have some quiet time during the busy holidays. Start a cookie exchange with your community.

Show A Little Love

The more we come together and show each other love and kindness, the better the world will be for ourselves, our children and generations to come. Let’s get off of our phones and come out from behind our computers and reach out in person and say hi to another. Introduce yourself to three new people this week in your apartment community. Offer a smile and to be simply a friend.

Won’t you join us this holiday season in being the change? This is how we continue to make it a better world.

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