Harvey is not our first

Harvey angrily made landfall sometime around 11 pm on August 25th near Rockport, Texas as a Category 4 hurricane. After leaving his mark on the southern Texas coastline, he proceeded to dance his formidable rain bands toward Houston and has been hanging around a lot longer than most folks would like.

Like fish and house guests, hurricanes begin to stink after three days, especially when they dump in excess of 30 inches of rain.

The team at Better World Properties, LLC has been through many natural disasters. Knowing who to call and having the right team in place BEFORE a Hurricane Harvey arrives is priceless.

The Better World Properties corporate team has been in constant communication with staff, apartment property managers, residents and with apartment owners with updates and careful monitoring as the situation changes hour by hour and day by day. Most all properties are operational. Insurance companies have been notified and restoration teams are on standby.

Once we make sure all staff, residents and properties are safe and secure, we will be reaching out to the community at large to contribute in whatever way we can.

Rest assured, we will get through Harvey’s stubborn and prolonged dance. We will make it a Better World, just as we do every day. And, we will do it will professionalism and with grace.

Here is an important list of things to make note of that will be helpful in the coming days:

1) First and foremost, assure the personal safety of you and your loved ones. Belongings and things can be replaced.

2) Next, take a deep breath. Literally. This will be a marathon, not a sprint. FEMA, government agencies, and insurance companies all operate within their own frameworks and paces. Tempers flaring, rudeness and impatience will not serve you well. Relax, smile and be pleasant. We are all in this together.

3) Document your losses. If you have vehicle and apartment renter’s insurance, the insuring companies will want careful photo documentation. Video is also helpful. Any damage to the actual apartment unit structure is and will be addressed by Better World Properties management and individual apartment property ownership.

4) File your claims early. FEMA is all ready taking applications online. The sooner you are in the que with adjusters and agencies, the more quickly your needs can be addressed.

Below are factual resource links to Harris County, Houston Texas and federal resources. These will help to guide your efforts, avoid fake news and help make it a Better World:


Coast Guard rescue:
Tel: 281-464-4854 Ext. 55
also 281-484-4855 and 281-484-4856

Residents can go online here:  https://www.disasterassistance.gov and follow the prompts in both English and Spanish.  If no access to a computer they can call 1-800-621-3362 to get help filling out the application in both English and Spanish. Someone in the family must have a valid SS#, but may include any children who are citizens.


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