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Four Smart Reasons Why Texas Is on Multifamily Investor Radars in 2018

1.) Bold Vision and Legendary Spirit

Texas is chock full of legendary spirit and vision. The eccentric and prolific Howard Hughes was born in Houston. A billionaire aviator, movie producer, and adrenaline-seeker, his vision and drive fueled innovation across multiple industries. In 1935, he set a new airspeed record, taking his plane to 352 mph. He set two records with transcontinental flights and piloted a Lockheed 14 on a flight around the world. He turned Hollywood upside down with his bold visions in filmmaking and made legendary strides in the oilfield with Hughes Tool Company.

Fearless oil well firefighter, Paul (Red) Adair gained his reputation beginning in 1962, when he put out the oil fire in Algeria dubbed, the Devil’s Cigarette Lighter, that had been burning for six months fueled by a half a million cubic feet of gas per day. His team was among the first to put out the devastating oil fires in Kuwait in Operation Desert Storm. Red Adair and his company inspired the 1968 action-packed film, Hellfighters, starring none other than the legendary John Wayne as Red Adair.

Oveta Culp Hobby was a trailblazer with vision. She wasted no time earning her law degree from the University of Texas Law School in 1925, quite an extraordinary feat back in the day. She served in the Texas House of Representatives, and as Assistant City Attorney in Houston. She married William P. Hobby, the former Governor of Texas. In 1941, Mrs. Hobby headed to Washington, D.C. to serve as Director of the Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps (WAC). WAC members were the first women, other than nurses, to serve in the United States Army. Initially led by Colonel Oveta Culp Hobby, the program had over 150,000 members who eventually served in the WAC program. As a result, Colonel Hobby was awarded the Distinguished Service Medal. Not bad for a little woman from Texas.

Successful multifamily investors and owners who invest in Texas are not afraid to think big and bold and buck the mainstream trend. The independent Texas spirit attracts investors from around the world. In multifamily investment and apartment property management in Texas, this entrepreneurial vision often equates to increased value and higher return on investment.

2.) Favorable Regulatory Environment

Texas encourages businesses to make Texas their home. No state income tax is a big attraction for business and individuals.  Our regulatory practices are business-friendly including no rent controls and affordable property taxes. Texas welcomes development with abundant land and bustling cities to fuel growth. Texas has been at the top of the prudent multifamily owner and investor list for decades and, continues to be a sought-after addition to multifamily portfolios.

3.) Texas Trifecta – Friendly, Fun and Profitable

We all like to do business with people we like and have fun while doing it. Here in Texas, we work hard and we play hard. You’ll always find a friendly smile and often be offered a cool iced tea with lemon in the summer or a warm hot chocolate in the winter while we tour properties and do our due diligence. It’s just how we roll. We like to make money for our owners and investors and we also like to have fun. So if we ask you sit and chat a while, it’s a good bet we like you. Where we really hit our stride is making it a Better World all at the same time. Improving ROI, creating value for apartment owners and investors and improving the tenant experience is what we call in Texas a trifecta. Friendly, fun and profitable.

4.) TEXAS is Number ONE

According to the U.S. Census Bureau in May of 2017, four of the top five fastest-growing large cities are located in Texas.

Conroe, Texas (near Houston), was the fastest-growing large city (population of 50,000 or more) between 2015 and 2016 at 7.8 percent, making its growth rate more than 11 times the nation’s growth rate. Some of the other fastest-growing Texas cities are: Frisco, Texas; McKinney, Texas and Georgetown, Texas.

“Overall, cities in the South continue to grow at a faster rate than any other U.S region,” said Amel Toukabri, a demographer in the Census Bureau’s population division. 1

Better World Properties LLC and the Better World Family of Companies serve multifamily owners and investors in Texas with legendary property management service, apartment process improvement and multifamily financing solutions. All under one roof. 

If you are a current multifamily owner or investor in Texas, we congratulate your choices and would like to talk with you about improving your experience. If you have yet to make Texas part of your multifamily portfolio, grab the bull by the horns. Texas is calling.

Give us a call. Better yet, come visit. We’ll grab some iced tea or a hot chocolate and sit and chat. We love to talk apartments.

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