Equity Investment

Our Mission:

          The mission of Better World Interests™ is summed up in its motto “building goodwill™,” literally and figuratively. Literally, we deploy capital and business expertise to economically improve return on investment from real estate assets. Figuratively, we use these same efforts to improve the quality of life for asset owners and tenants. The end result is a Better World.

Investment Strategy

          Our core business is apartments. Better World Interests only invests or acquires when it can create a real difference in asset performance and valuation. When it makes economic sense, we also participate in mixed-use projects as well. Depending on unpredictable market trends exposes apartment property owners to unmanageable risk. In practice, counteracting this risk means targeting properties that are underperforming due to inferior management, lack of adequate capital resources or both.  Identifying market inefficiencies and value areas requires a combination of strong deal flow, state of the art research tools, superior capital market structuring expertise, the detail-oriented eye of experience and hard work in the field.

          How expertly funds are budgeted and deployed to improve a property is often more important than the amount of funds that are expended. Each dollar must be spent with the greatest possible impact on rental rates and asset value. The end goal is income returns and capital appreciation that beat the market. Take the worst in market and make it the best in market. Better World Interests employs its own experience and skills in conjunction with the insights of its affiliated companies to achieve this objective. Often, this entails managing targeted capital improvement and rehabilitation programs.

          Long-term, real estate has proven to be the best investment class. Focusing on immediate and short-term timelines exposes portfolios to unnecessary and increased risk. We have decided to focus our extensive national and international experience on Texas. Texas has proven itself an opportunistic market to achieve strong income growth and capital appreciation over time. The future of Texas is just as bright. The Texas economy is already larger than that of Canada, Australia, and Russia.1 Better World’s principals are committed to Texas and have made Texas their home. Our close proximity and intricate knowledge of the local market is key to optimizing value and successfully implementing an asset strategic repositioning. Texas has long been a desirable location to make a long-term capital commitment in real estate. Our seasoned team is able to fund, acquire, manage, and oversee your real estate holdings in Texas and nationwide. That is the Better World mission.

Competitive Advantage

Big institution capacity. Small entity personal attention.

Better World Interests offers its clientele superior ownership and investment performance. We provide big institution capacity without sacrificing small entity personal attention. Having structured $500+ million in sales, acquisitions, and investments, Better World Interests has expertise in real estate development, lending, and capital formation to identify problem areas and craft effective resolutions. Every project merits its own individually tailored ownership program. In conjunction with its strategic partners, Better World Interests has the in-house team capable of executing quickly and efficiently. Proactive value-added property and facilities management expertise gives Better World Interests insight into a project’s internal operations. This holds true even when ownership has retained third-party management.

Better World Interests is focused on Texas. Though we have extensive national and international experience and relationships, we also love Texas. Close proximity and an intricate knowledge of the local apartment market often prove beneficial in implementing optimal valuations and repositioning of assets.

Better World Interests Services

  • Deal Generation
  • Multi-family Equity Formation
  • Target Assessment
  • Apartment Investment
  • Multi-family Due Diligence
  • Apartment Cash Infusions
  • Real Estate Entity Structuring
  • Apartment Acquisition Strategies
  • Debt Restructuring
  • Apartment Financing Solutions
  • Multi-family 1031 Exchanges
  • New Apartment Development
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