Dare to Dream

Better World Properties LLC Makes Houston Business Journal’s Top 20 Residential Property Management Firms List

“We believe that when we dream big, there are endless possibilities on how we can help to make it a better world.”

                                                                                                                      – Terri Clifton, President, Better World Properties LLC

It’s been a little over 36 months since the doors opened at Better World Properties LLC and the Better World Family of Companies. We’ve gone from a desirable dream of making it a better world to making it to the Houston Business Journal’s 2020 Top 20 list of residential property management firms ranked by local residential units managed. During this three-year window, Better World Properties LLC has made hundreds of new friends and engaged dozens of wonderful apartment owner and multifamily investor clients. We survived Hurricane Harvey, cheered on the Astros to a World Series victory, and made a snowman in Houston.

We’ve traveled the country to meet new apartment investors, evaluated apartment properties across the state of Texas and the Southern United States and brought new life to multiple apartment client communities. We have actively supported our multifamily industry at the local, state and national levels through the Houston Apartment Association, the Texas Apartment Association and the National Apartment Association and we added a bevy of smiling new faces to our team. We’ve demonstrated over and over again that doing business with Texans means that a handshake still means something. We say what we mean with kindness, firmness and respect, and we do what we say. We align with clients who share these same values. It’s been quite a journey and we’re just getting started.

A Bean Bag and a Television Set

The founder of Better World Properties LLC, Terri Clifton, started in the apartment business from very humble beginnings. Years ago, she arrived in Houston as a single Mom with kids to feed with a bean bag chair and a television set to her name. She became a leasing agent in exchange for rent and a roof over her young family’s head. She jumped enthusiastically into the multifamily world with both feet, learning everything she could. Her successes as well as failures, and a unquenchable desire for knowledge has continually reinforced her belief that with commitment and hard work dreams do come true.

Terri Clifton’s dream has always been to make it a better world. Over the past three years, through Better World Properties LLC and the Better World Family of Companies, including Better World Holdings LLC and Better World Consulting, and a focus on heart-centered targeted marketing and service with a genuine smile, that dream of making it a better world has been realized. Today, Terri is beyond grateful to be able to help thousands enjoy a better apartment home and a better life. All because she dared to dream a dream.

We believe there are no limits. When someone says they can’t, we find five more ways that we can. We believe that if we hire a good person and give them great tools and a chance, they too will grow and make it a better world. We believe that if we improve an apartment property and help the staff love what they do, we make the whole community surrounding that property a better world. We believe that when we work harder and with heart, we encourage others around us to also aspire higher.

Care To Join Us?

If you are an apartment investor, apartment developer, or real estate investment trust and you are looking for a trusted, guiding hand to help you ladder your portfolio for success, please feel free give us a call.

If you are looking for a job, we are often hiring as our needs continue to grow. Keep in mind, we are looking for those heart-centered people who wish invest in the human connection and help us create a better world. We work and play hard. While we like to make business fun, we also like to make money for our apartment owners and investors. Feel free to reach out with your resume.

If you are looking to add to your apartment portfolio and need expert due diligence, we have over 100 combined years of experience with apartment industry veterans at the helm. Better World Properties LLC, Better World Holdings LLC and Better World Consulting offer big institution capacity with small entity personal attention, all under one roof.

We Know Apartments

We know apartments. Inside out and provide complete Apartment Life Cycle Solutions for apartment owners, investors and apartment residents. We find and create apartment deals. We take pride in our legendary, laser-focused multi-family property management and staffing solutions.

We increase return on investment through improvement processes learned only through hard work and hands-on experience. We offer creative equity financing solutions and debt restructuring. We strategically rehabilitate apartment properties and reposition for the best ROI. We discover hidden value like no other apartment management firm in the multifamily marketplace.

We position apartment properties well in advance of profitable dispositions. The Better World Family of Companies is positioned to service your needs along the entire life cycle of your apartment portfolio. This broad ability, all under one roof, makes us unique and nimble in the marketplace.

Most importantly, we love to talk apartments. It’s what we do. Feel free to come visit. Depending on the Texas weather, we’ll pour some iced tea or hot chocolate and we’ll gladly take you on a Lone Star State tour. Whether you’re looking to invest in Houston apartments, the Texas Triangle, the entire State of Texas or the Southern United States, we know our way around apartments.

(713) 559-6975

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