Effectively Managing Multi-Family in the Coronavirus COVID-19 Crisis

What we are doing that’s working to effectively manage multi-family assets and residents during the Coronavirus COVID-19 crisis.

Events like COVID-19 happen but a few times in a career, and no two crises are alike. Depending on how your assets are managed through this process will determine how you come out on the other side when the dust eventually settles. Even those who have been through many crises are often surprised by the next one.

If you need help managing your apartment properties during these uncertain times, need an assessment of your apartment portfolio’s state of crises preparedness, or would like to explore apartment acquisition or disposition opportunities, please reach out.

We are all in this together. Together, we will emerge from this stronger and more resilient. This is an opportunity to create a better world for generations to come.

What To Do If You Feel Sick

“Both Donna and I are grateful for Better World’s leadership as you navigate your partners, including us, through the Coronavirus COVID-19 issue. Your communication to our staff has been exceptional.
Thank you for keeping your team and our staff motivated, focused and safe.”

Doug Krumel
DK Property Management and Associates

What We Are Doing In Response To COVID-19

  • We are gathering first-hand information, data and experiences from front-line apartment community staff and residents and sharing this with multi-family industry associations including the National Apartment Association (NAA)Texas Apartment Association (TAA)Houston Apartment Association, as well as other policy makers.
  • We are studying rental property challenges, responses and outcomes from other countries that are further along the curve.
  • We are communicating constantly with stakeholders, colleagues, politicians and regulators.
  • We have engaged internationally recognized crisis management and community development expert, Angela Blanchard, to help further develop a meaningful response specific to multi-family as we get through these trying times together.
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