Better World Companies and HM Equity Management Partner in Multifamily Trifecta

Monument photo courtesy of Explore Victoria Texas,

Making it a better world in the multifamily industry has been the company vision of the Better World Family of Companies since its inception in 2016.

“Texas continues to be a great market to do apartment business. This was an excellent opportunity that we identified through careful due diligence. Apartment properties in Texas offer exceptional investor value if one knows where and how to look,” said Terri Clifton, VP of Investor Relations with Better World Holdings LLC.

The Better World Family of Companies led by multifamily industry veterans, Terri Clifton, Reuven Bisk, Michael Knight and Larry Hill have partnered with another Houston heavyweight multifamily firm, HM Equity Management, led by Ian Hancock and Marc Lewis, to acquire a 544-unit, three-property portfolio in Victoria, Texas.

“Victoria represents everything that is great about Texas. The business and economic environment offers multifamily investors tremendous opportunities that are increasingly difficult to capture in larger markets,” said Reuven Bisk, President of Better World Holdings LLC.

The portfolio includes the 216-unit Silvermine Apartments, the 224-unit Victoria Station Apartments and the 104-unit Tanglewood Apartments.

Hurricane Harvey delayed the closing of the value-add opportunity when the eye of the storm passed within 50 miles of Victoria. As veterans of the Gulf Coast multifamily industry, the joint venture buyers were undeterred and stayed the course.

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