Apartment Management and Ownership – Are You Ready for Tough Decisions Ahead?

Apartment owners and struggling property management companies, are you losing sleep, worrying about how to navigate the new normal? You DO NOT have to navigate these unprecedented times alone. Read on for ways to stop staying up all night and move forward with confidence.

Critical to Multifamily Investment Success

As a proven multi-service apartment services firm, The Better World Companies have 100+ years of combined experience including multifamily property management, multifamily crisis management, operations management, multifamily deal structuring and regulatory compliance procedures all under one roof. We share your concerns and having been through many formidable adversities including the front lines of Hurricane Harvey, we know we can help you.

When the road gets bumpy and things unravel, it is wise to tap into proven experience and knowledge. During times like these, your multifamily assets require even more mindful management.

Critical to Multifamily Investment Success

Expenses, inflow, outflow, collections, human connection, insurance, maintenance, mitigating regulatory risk, accounting, and where do we go from here? These were simply daily challenges before the new normal. They have become critical to your investment success now.

Our property management division, Better World Properties LLC is in the trenches daily with sleeves rolled up, walking properties, talking with residents, meeting with investors, discussing with lenders, dissecting spreadsheets, meeting with regulatory agencies and constantly scanning for what’s next.

We know this can be overwhelming for some apartment owners, investors and smaller multifamily property management firms when the rules continue to change on a daily basis.

This is where we thrive and can support you to the next level of successful apartment ownership.

Lonely at The Top

It can be lonely at the top when making prudent, tough decisions. But it doesn’t have to be. This is where we help to take the pressure off of you as an owner or investor so that you can step back, relax, let go of worry and begin enjoy your life.

Now is the time to look at your apartment assets with a discerning eye. It can be difficult to remove emotions when you’ve owned properties for years and know your residents by their first names and children’s first names. With that said, we still must run profitable businesses. Where can we tighten up? Where do we invest? Should we sell? Should we merge? Are there apartment deals out there? Do we refinance now? What are the new regulations? Where am I heading with my multifamily portfolio?

A Constant Eye

These are questions we are asked every day, more so now than ever. Our multifamily services skills include experienced property management, multifamily asset due diligence, apartment asset optimization and multifamily deal structuring all under one roof. This is what makes us unique in the apartment industry. We also have a constant eye on ever-changing regulations that can directly affect your investments.

Are You Ready To Level Up?

If you are an apartment owner, a multifamily fund manager or a property management company that is ready to move up to the next level during our new normal, let’s talk. There are opportunities that are hidden within your spreadsheets, your projections and your operations that are waiting to be uncovered.

Your Better World Properties LLC Team

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