A Better World Awaits

We had a vision years ago that we could make it a better world.

This is how the name of our apartment property management company, Better World Properties LLC was derived. We focus on this vision of a better world every day. We work hard to bring light into thousands of lives by offering fair housing that is managed in a kind, respectful way.

How Can We Each Serve The Greater Good

We recognize that we are all under unprecedented stress and pressure. We encourage our staff, our thousands of apartment residents, and our multifamily owners and investors to each be the light of positive change within their circles of influence. Ask how can we each serve the greater good?

Be The Change

We each can start today to be the positive light in our circles of influence. We encourage you to ask, “What can I do today to serve the greater good and make it a better world?” Be the change. Be the light.

Speak kindly. Post kindly. Show others the respect you desire. Offer safety in your voice and your acts of kindness. Reach out a hand to help your neighbor take the groceries upstairs. Step outside on your balcony and wave to your neighbor and let them know that positive change is in the air. Organize food sharing efforts in your communities where needed. Offer a smile, a nod. Hold a door open for others.

Circles of Influence

We each have circles of influence of at least 100 people per person. This includes people we know from church, sports, school, jobs, hobbies, neighborhoods, etc. If an apartment community has 300 residents, each of those residents have 100 people each in their immediate circles of  personal influence, that’s 30,000 people. Those 30,000 people have 100 people in each of their circles. That’s 3 million people. And, on it goes. That is a powerful shift.

A Better World Awaits for Us All

Change begins within each of us. It begins by taking the very first step. We can do this together and create meaningful and lasting change.

We encourage you to join us. Please share your photos with us on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn and on your own personal social media pages and tag us at Better World Properties LLC showing others how you shine light on kindness and positive change within your circles of influence. Please respect social distancing etiquette while holding a light bulb and a sign encouraging others to “Be the Light”. Let others know that a better world awaits for all of us.


From our family to yours,

Your Better World Properties LLC Team

(713) 559-6975


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